About Us

About Made Out of Dough

Made Out of Dough started as the dream of owner Courtney Tomioka. Courtney graduated from the California Culinary Academy San Francisco in 2006, and she set off to find her place, working in various kitchens and bakeries. While working as a chef in well-known country clubs in the Bay Area, Courtney toyed around the idea of owning her own business.

As Courtney worked her way through the ranks in the country clubs but knew she wanted to make her dream a reality. She quit her job and opened up Made Out of Dough in 2012. Courtney took the company straight to farmers markets up and down the Peninsula, selling her delectable scones. These scones have changed how her customers think of scones, as she uses unique ingredients. Made Out of Dough also started selling fresh muffins, quick breads, Hawaiian bread pudding, and cinnamon rolls.

In 2015, a new branch of Made Out of Dough opened, as pastry chef Michele DeSmet joined the team and brought her incredible cakes to the company. And in 2017, Michele married Courtney!

Michele has always loved baking ever since she graduated high school, but it wasn’t what she initially followed. After high school, Michele enrolled at Foothill Community College as a kinesiology major. She got sick and had no energy, so she had to drop out of school. While she was recovering from her illness, she spent a lot of time reading cooking books. It lead to her realization that she was meant to be in the kitchen!

Michele loved seeing the looks on the faces of her friends and family after she made something from scratch. She enrolled in the Professional Culinary Academy and graduated in 2006. Michele worked in a variety of bakeries, from Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery to LinkedIn to SusieCakes. She soaked up all she could, learning how to make specialty custom cakes and cupcakes. She brought her talent to Made Out of Dough and is putting the company on the map with her incredible flavors and dazzling designs.

Putting Made Out of Dough on the map gets a little boost from marketing manager Jen Jezierski! Jen and Courtney have been friends since meeting in high school in 2000. When Courtney came to Jen with the idea for Made Out of Dough, Jen was immediately on board. She combined the skills she learned in journalism school with the web design she learned from her dad and created the first version of the Made Out of Dough website!

Over the last few years, Jen has expanded her skills and put them to work, enhancing Made Out of Dough’s website and helping with their social media presence. Helping her best friend and her wife reach their dreams is something Jen is so proud to be a part of.

The team at Made Out of Dough loves creating incredible treats for their customers. Because of the continued support of the community, they’re getting closer to their goal of having their own store front! Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given Made Out of Dough so far. Your support helps reach all the company’s goals!